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Phelan Insuranc Team

Name Phone Email
Versailles Office:
Todd Phelan 937-526-3111 x128 todd_phelan@phelanins.com
Jeff Francis 937-526-3111 x136 jeff_francis@phelanins.com
Carol Brown 937-526-3111 x137 carol_brown@phelanins.com
Lauren Bruns 937-526-3111 x 129 lauren_bruns@phelanins.com
Lindsey Burke 937-526-3111 x117 lindsey_burke@phelanins.com
David Coons 937-526-3111 x123 david_coons@phelanins.com
Pat Custenborder 937-526-3111 x118 pat_custenborder@phelanins.com
Angie DeMange 937-526-3111 x150 angie_demange@phelanins.com
Carrie DeMange 937-526-3111 x133 carrie_demange@phelanins.com
Julia Drees 937-526-3111 x152 julia_drees@phelanins.com
Chris Gigandet 937-526-3111 x153 chris_gigandet@phelanins.com
Tia Grilliot 937-526-3111 x159 tia_grilliot@phelanins.com
Karen Keiser 937-526-3111 x125 karen_keiser@phelanins.com
Meagan Kindell 937-526-3111 x154 meagan_kindell@phelanins.com
Karen Knopp 937-526-3111 x132 karen_knopp@phelanins.com
Mary Koons 937-526-3111 x158 mary_koons@phelanins.com
Julia Kremer 937-526-3111 x110 julia_kremer@phelanins.com
Cindy Langston 937-526-3111 x112 cindy_langston@phelanins.com
Deb Less 937-526-3111 x105 deb_less@phelanins.com
Mark Marshal 937-526-3111 x149 mark_marshal@phelanins.com
Caitlin McNeilan 937-526-3111 x157 caitlin_mcneilan@phelanins.com
Karen Murphy 937-526-3111 x116 karen_murphy@phelanins.com
Mary Puthoff 937-526-3111 x135 mary_puthoff@phelanins.com
Damien Richard 937-526-3111 x151 damien_richard@phelanins.com
Kristi Setser 937-526-3111 x101 kristi_setser@phelanins.com
Angela Sextro 937-526-3111 x121 angela_sextro@phelanins.com
Marcie Stammen 937-526-3111 x134 marcie_stammen@phelanins.com
Karen Thobe 937-526-3111 x122 karen_thobe@phelanins.com
Sara Wagner 937-526-3111 x131 sara_wagner@phelanins.com
Lorri Wilson 937-526-3111 x124 lorri_wilson@phelanins.com
Alexis Wuebker 937-526-3111 x119 alexis_wuebker@phelanins.com
West Chester Office:
Brent Phelan 513-526-3111 x261 brent_phelan@phelanins.com
Jennifer Allen 513-526-3111 x274 jennifer_allen@phelanins.com
Rick Beavers 513-526-3111 x270 rick_beavers@phelanins.com
Sherri Mullins 513-526-3111 x280 sherri_mullins@phelanins.com
Amanda Phelan 513-526-3111 x264 amanda_phelan@phelanins.com
Tom Seaman 513-526-3111 x272 tom_seaman@phelanins.com

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